Tear Drop Flag

Available Options

Please zip multiple files to upload them together. Re-uploading new file will automatically replace the prevous one.

Note: Price and estimated time will be displayed after you log in.

If don't choose any of the options, the price is for single side printing flag only, not double sided flag, no any hardware.

Please click the link below to download the template:

(XS) 7ft tear drop flag:   overall height from ground 7 ft

7FT Single side:  Download

7FT Double side:  Download

(S) 8ft tear drop flag:    overall height from ground 8 ft, printing size about 42.5"x76")

8FT Single Side:  Download

8FT Double Side:  Download

(M) 11ft tear drop flag:   overall height from ground 11 ft, printing size about 49"x100" 

11FT Single side:  Download

11FT Double side:  Download

(L) 13ft tear drop flag:   overall height from ground 13 ft, printing size about 50"x124"

13FT Single side:  Download

13FT Double side:  Download

* Please send the file by PDF, JPG or TIFF format with CMYK color mode (at least 100 dpi resolution at 100% size); all fonts must be created to outlines. 

Last updated: July 22, 2021