How It Works

  1. Visit
    You will see a page like the screenshot below:

  2. Log in to the Website with Your Account
    Click My Account first, then click Login

    Fill in those fields with your email and password, then click the LOGIN button

  3. Get a Quotation   
    Once you’re logged in, the next step is going to the product that you want to purchase.

    For example, a 13oz Banner.
    You need to fill in values of width, height and quantity first. Then, the price with estimated finish time will be displayed based on the dimensions and quantity that you inputted. The range below the width and height input field is the size limitation.  
    Finish methods and rush order are optional.

  4. Add to Cart
    When you’re ready to order the product, you need to upload the file of pictures.
    If there is more than one file, please zip all of them and upload the zip file.

    Click ADD TO CART once the file is successfully uploaded.

  5. Checkout with Reward Points (Optional)
    If you have reward points added by Aclick, you can check out with reward points (Pay after).

    First, click the Cart icon and click VIEW CART.

    Click Use Reward Points, and click APPLY POINTS

    You will find $0.00 total after you apply points. Now you can checkout without payment.

  6. Checkout

    1. Step.2 Choose Billing address, or add a new one.

    2. Step.3 Choose Delivery address, or add a new one. You need to fill on postal code if shipping is required. Shipping will not be available if postal code is missing.

    3. Step.4 Choose the Delivery method.

    4. Step.5 Only credit card is available

    5. Fill in your credit card info and click Confirm Order

    6. Done! Your order is successfully placed, and you will receive an email with order details.