Pop Up Media Wall


  • Pop up media wall is the most popular type of trade show display;
  • The expandable frame with velcro ad-on is designed to be easy and fast to set up, NO tool needed;
  • Light weight to transport; and also hardware comes with carry bag;
  • Available in different size, and different material printing options;
  • Usually, fabric print will take 2 business days, and banner print will take 1 business day.


        2x3 (60" W x 89.5"H)    &   3x3 (89.5" W x 89.5" H)   &   3x4 (118.5" W x 89.5" H)   &   3x5 (147.5" W x 89.5" H)   &   4x4 (119.5" W x 119.5" H)

* Please send the file by PDF, JPG or TIFF format with CMYK color mode (at least 100 dpi resolution at 100% size); all fonts must be created to outlines.

Fabric Pop Up (With Frame)

The price is included one fabric dye-sub full color printing, one popup frame hardware, one soft car.....

Fabric Pop Up Replacement (No Hardware)

2x3 (60" W x 89.5" H) Pop Up Media WallSize:Without Endcap: 60" W x 89.5" H ( Front Image)With Endca.....

Pop Up Frame

3x3 ( 89.5" H x 89.5" W) Package: 12"x10"x34"  17lb3x4 ( 89.5" H x 118.5" W) Package:.....

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