FOAMCORE - 3/16 inch - direct print

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By default, the finished size will be 0.25" shorter all around after cutting.

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6 ~ 48

6 ~ 96

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Foamcore, foam board or paper-faced foam board is a lightweight and easily cut material, it consists of a board of polystyrene foam clad with an outer facing of matte paper on either side.

we cut most of  3/16" foamcore orders on our Zund cutters to keep the high quality finish.

(always giving a clean cut, no cutting marks show on finish, all cut out perfect rectangle, all finish same size exactly...)

Cutting cost calculation is based on quantity of pieces and over all length of cutting.

Price is included standard bubble wrap, if need a card board box or extra sheets protection, will be an extra charge.

High quality UV ink direct print on foamcore prints 10pts size font clearly and you can order the smallest size of 3/16 foamcore piece is 8"x12".

Most orders will be ready within 1-2 business days.

We do trade printing only; you must be an approved re-seller before you place an order. (Online or email).

After you login to our website, input the size and quantity to get the price and turnaround time.

  • 3/16" thickness foamcore
  • Lightweight foam display board.
  • Ideal for crafts, school projects, framing, mounting displays and exhibits, indoor signs and notices.
  • for a short time or temporary use, moisture causes curling during the time

    Note: By default, the finished size will 0.25" shorter than the input size due to cutting.
    Please provide the artwork with 0.25" bleed and choose the option "Don't allow short of cutting(0.25")" if you want the job to be finished as input size

    3/16" foamcore information was updated on Jan30, 2020.