HP PVC-Free Wall Paper

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6 ~ 600

Please zip multiple files, re-upload file will replace current one. One size with over 4 versions of artwork will be charged for additional fee.

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HP PVC-Free Wall Paper


  • offer customers an easy-to-use solution; the wall paper goes up - comes down - with water; strippable and easy to remove; 
  • for interiors purpose with long-lasting, colorful, detailed, creative wall murals.
  • PVC-Free alternative, easier to dispose of than most PVC - based substrates;
  • matte finishing is great solution where reflection of surface is a concern.

Size:    material comes at 54", maximum printing size 52"; if image comes bigger than 52" on both side, we have to divide image into panels, and we can leave 0.5" overlap.

* Please send the file by PDF, JPG or TIFF format with CMYK color mode, resolution at lease 100dpi at 100% size; all fonts must be created to outlines.