6mm Clear Acrylic -mirror printing with white ink

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By default, the finished size will be 0.25" shorter all around after cutting.

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4 ~ 47.75

6 ~ 95.75

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6mm Clear Acrylic

Full color high quality mirror printing at back and then print white ink.

will be 100% full white ink covered or only print white ink on the color.

please send separate white ink layer when you don't need print 100% cover white ink.

If drilling holes is needed, no extra charge up to 6 holes on each sheet, please let us know the position and diameter of the holes.

we can't drill holes when the printing is done.

price is included square cut only, for special shape cut, will be extra cost, please send us an email to get a quotation first.

The standoff is not included.

Note: By default, the finished size will 0.25" shorter than the input size due to cutting.
Please provide the artwork with 0.25" bleed if you want the job to be finished as input size. 

last updated: April 21, 2023