4mm COROPLAST - uv direct print

Available Options

By default, the finished size will be 0.125" shorter all around after cutting.

Tags: 4mm WHITE COROPLAST 48x96


3 ~ 48

3 ~ 96

Please zip multiple files, re-upload file will replace current one. One size with over 4 versions of artwork will be charged for additional fee.

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  • High quality corrugated plastic sheet.
  • Allow for excellent adhesion quality to aid in printing for the graphics arts fields.
  • Waterproof and resistant to stains and most chemicals
  • Lightweight and simple to install and transport.
  • The price calculated is for ONLINE order only

    Note: By default, the finished size will 0.25" shorter than the input size due to cutting.
    Please provide the artwork with 0.25" bleed if you want the job to be finished as input size.