Premium Cough & Sneeze Guard 46x24 4.5mm Acrylic (with stabilizer) bottom open

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  • Product Code: Sneeze Guard

46" wide x 24" high x 8" deep

bottom open: 14"x5"

Each set included:

1x  main panel: 

         23.75" high x 45.75" wide, cut on 4.5mm clear acrylic with bottom open 5" high x 14" wide

2x foot brackets:

         8" wide x 8" high, cut on 4.5mm clear acrylic

2x removable sticky stabilizer:

        2"x8", cut on 6mm clear acrylic, one side with removable adhesive,  easy to mount on table/glass surface, easy to relocate without leaving any mark or damage on the surface.

Free bubble wrap all 5 sets together for pick up in person only.

Bubble wrap is not for any carrier pick up, all acrylic will be damaged during the shipment.

If you send a carrier to pick up a bubble wrap package, we will NOT release the order.

shipping package is optional at extra charge:

custom designed and made packaging, with top, bottom and all 4 sides protected by strong triple wall card boards.