Floor Graphics - removable vinyl with anti-slip lamination

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What's included:

  1. full color printing on removable vinyl (indoor floor graphics)
  2. anti-slip lamination


We (Aclick Inc.) are not responsible for any accidents that occur when you use this floor graphics.

We (Aclick Inc.) will not guarantee performance or removability of the floor vinyl. We suggest test first.

We (Aclick Inc.) will not guarantee performance of the anti-slip lamination film. We suggest test first.

Loose or damaged floor or carpet graphics may cause a person to slip or trip and fall.
Failure to heed this Caution may result in personal injury.

Floor Graphics :

removable vinyl with anti-slip lamination

Cut off time and shipping time:

removable vinyl  cut off time: EST 3pm, Monday to Friday.

No rush order service from March 13, 2020 amid COVID-19 pandemic.

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if you need our shipping service,

  • We can't ship to address that not available to ship by Purolator.
  • Aclick Inc. will pay for the shipping, but Aclick Inc. is not responsible for any delay, lost or damage during the shipping, it's out of our control after Purolator picks up.
  • Aclick Inc. reserves the right to change, suspend, or discontinue temporarily or permanently, some or all of the Services (including the printing, hardware and shipping), with respect to any or all clients/users, at any time without notice.    
  • Purolator tracking number will be sent to you after pick up, you can always check the shipment status.

Removable Self-Adhesive Vinyl


  • It is easy to apply to any smooth surface, good for floor ;
  • Matte finishing is great solution where reflection of surface is a concern;
  • Lamination films are available by Gloss, Matte, Dry erase and anti-slip film, etc;
  • It is perfect for short term or mid-term purpose.
  • It is easily cut with die-cut method. We can cut by shape, round corner, and specific shape.


            Our removable vinyl material is 54" wide, and maximum printing area is 52".

            If the image is bigger than material, we have to divide the image into panels, and we can leave 0.5" overlap.

*Please send the file by PDF, JPG or TIFF format with CMYK color mode, please send the file at lease 100 dpi resolution at 100% size; all fonts must be created to outlines.