4mm COROPLAST - uv direct print (Customized size, square cut, less than 5 sheets)

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  • Brand: sheet_material
  • Product Code: Sheet Material

High quality UV ink direct print on 4mm coroplast prints 12pts size font clearly and you can order the smallest 4mm coroplast piece is 8"x12".

The prices are included up to 12 pieces same size straight cut per sheetmost orders will be ready within 1-2 business days.

  1. High quality corrugated plastic sheet.
  2. Waterproof and resistant to stains and most chemicals
  3. Lightweight and simple to install and transport.
  4. The price calculated is for ONLINE order only

    By default, the finished size will 0.5" shorter than the input size due to cutting.  for example, when input size is 18"x24" and file size is 18"x24", the coroplast finish size will be 17.5"x23.5"; if you need finish size exact at 18"x 24", please provide the artwork size at 18.5"x24.5" (with 0.25" bleed all around) and choose the option "Don't allow short of cutting(0.25")" .

4mm coroplast information was updated on Jan10, 2022.