Removable vinyl (Small piece)

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Tags: Removable Adhesive Vinyl


1 ~ 9

1 ~ 120

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  • It is easy to apply to any smooth surface, good for floor ;
  • Matte finishing is great solution where reflection of surface is a concern;
  • Lamination films are available by Gloss, Matte, Dry erase and anti-slip film, etc;
  • It is perfect for short term or mid-term purpose.
  • It is easily cut with die-cut method. We can cut by shape, round corner, and specific shape.


From  minimum size 1"x1" to maximum size 9"x12"

kiss cut small pieces within 9"x12" sheets;

the price is included simple outer shape cut (no letters/numbers cut):

square / rectangle / circle / oval ... all same price

please setup printing file with matched cutting path, keep 0.125" bleed all around.

*Please send the file by PDF, JPG or TIFF format with CMYK color mode, please send the file at lease 100 dpi resolution at 100% size; all fonts must be created to outlines.