Premium Cough & Sneeze Guard 32x24 6mm Acrylic (with stabilizer) 2 sets

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This package is included 2 sets 6mm 32x24 Cough & Sneeze Guard

32" wide x 24" high x 8" deep

bottom open: 14"x5"

limited quantity, online order only

Each set included:

1x  main panel: 

         23.75" high x 31.75" wide, cut on 6mm clear acrylic with bottom open 5" high x 14" wide

2x foot brackets:

         8" wide x 8" high, cut on 6mm clear acrylic

2x removable sticky stabilizer:

        2"x8", cut on 6mm clear acrylic, one side with removable adhesive,  easy to mount on table/glass surface, easy to relocate without leaving any mark or damage on the surface.

Free bubble wrap all 2 sets together for pick up in person only.

Bubble wrap is not for any carrier pick up, all acrylic will be damaged during the shipment.

If you send a carrier to pick up a bubble wrap package, we will NOT release the order.

shipping package is optional at extra charge:

custom designed and made packaging, with top, bottom and all 4 sides protected by strong triple wall card boards.

we'll ensure you receive the product in our shipping package at perfect condition, if there is any damage during the shipment, we'll send to you replace piece(s).