SEG LED system 300*225cm (118x89inch) - frame with single side fabric printing

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SEGO mobile lightbox 300* 225cm ( 118x89 inch)

Price is included one frame with LED lights , one piece fabric printing with stitch Silicone all around, ready for installation.

SEG display system with printing

our regular turn around time for this system: 2 business days (48 hours).

frame size : 89" (high) x 118" (wide) x 4.75" (deep)

SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics, which is a strip of silicone sewn into the edges of the backlit fabric, the silicone edging is inserted into our SEGO mobile light box aluminum frame creating a smooth, seamless fabric graphic.

With LED lighting (CE & RoHs & UL certificated ), seamless edge to edge imagery and soft, luxurious fabric are making SEGO lightboxes the display of choice for high end clients.

SEGO mobile lightbox system are all lightweight, high quality  aluminum frames.

This SEGO mobile lightbox 300*225cm system is easily assembled or disassembled without using any tools.

Special made carry cases (no extra charge, includes in this package, please see the real product's picture) , will give you a better protection for ship and store.

package size :

box1 and box 2: 7"x16"x54"

box3: 12"x18"x24"

weight: 70lb (3 boxes)

please setup printing file at 89.5" high x118.5"wide (0.25" bleed all around included)